Site review:

My first impression of  is its lack of clarity. While I am aware of what it is trying to say, the complete lack of sentence structure and punctuation is getting in the way. The sentence flow is preventing the communication of the general idea. Too many topics are introduced in the beginning paragraph; one topic should addressed at a time, with one idea leading to the next.

The first paragraph should have an introductory feel, include general statistics, and provide an overall reason for the purpose of the website (one-day car insurance), and subsequent paragraphs should go on to explain the details of getting this insurance.

The second paragraph should include the prerequisites of getting the insurance, as well as the different types, such as test drive, learners' insurance, and so on. It could also expound on reasons for getting short-term insurance, such as relocating a vehicle, or borrowing a car from someone.

A third paragraph might possibly elaborate on general rates, costs, and ways of cutting down on costs. It is important to keep the intention of the article in mind.

Overall, I think the word usage, punctuation, and spelling are good. My main criticism, as I have said earlier, is crowding too much information into a few sentences, and not having the ideas for each paragraph progress naturally. A good way to approach the article, I think, is to imagine yourself being the reader, and deciding what type of information you would be looking for if you were just scanning the article. This way of thinking goes back to my training as an IELTS instructor, which teaches different ways of reading and gleaning information from an article. It has a lot to do with the way the article is written, and it is incumbent on the writer to make sure that the information is as accessible as possible for the reader.

I would suggest, that, as a whole,  is well written; with just a few adjustments on the pace of information, and general audience appeal, I think it is a pretty decent piece of work. Keep in mind, this is just one person's opinion; I have tried to judge this article using the best skills that I have at my disposal.


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